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The scene takes place in July 2010; downtown Detroit on Woodward Ave. in front of Motown’s legendary venue, The Magic Stick. In his hometown, Detroit native, Joey Knuckles AKA Joe Hyde was kickin it outside the venue. It was at that time, he ran into producer King Cole who was on the Terror US tour with hardcore heavyweights Gravemaker. After a freestyle session outside, JK and King Cole decided to get in touch with each other when they got back to Calgary. Early October 2010, demos started coming to the table and things immediately began to click; Suicide Kings were born. Since then, Knuckles and King Cole have been grinding non-stop to bring you the illest, most aggressive hip-hop style Calgary has ever seen. With the debut CD, “Supreme”, set to drop Feb 2012, the Kings are destined for greatness. The rest, as they say, is history in the making.

NSHH Interviews Suicide Kings

Jordan: Suicide Kings, your group name sounds so controversial, where did it come from ?

Suicide Kings: As far as controversial goes, don’t look to deep into the name. The name “Suicide King” has been used for everything from movies to books, and is an actual playing card (usually used as a wild card in your standard deck). We did a lot of graphic work with the name, and it always looked and sounded dope for the music we were conveying. Maybe people think it’s so controversial because of the word “suicide”…but it got you thinking right?

Jordan: Who’s in Suicide kings exactly, and where do you guys all live now ?

Suicide Kings: Joey Knuckles/Joe Grizzly – Mc/Lyrics, King Cole/Cole the Destroyer – Producer/Dj.

We both currently live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Jordan: Detroit just declared for bankruptcy on July 18, 2013, which is not too long ago. How do you feel about the whole situation in Detroit ?

Suicide Kings: Detroit is hella fucked up. There are a bunch of negatives when it comes to Detroit that most people hear now because of the media. I still call it home and I’m there often, I’ll always have love for the D no matter how bad it gets. I lived there my whole life until I moved to Canada a couple years ago. All of my family and friends are still there, so that situation affects me deeply every day. I have friends and family that have lost jobs, homes, families, and everything they’ve ever owned back in the D. Many of my good friends have struggled with drug addiction and are either dead or in jail because of choices they had to make to survive in Detroit. As far as the city declaring bankruptcy, I think its long overdue. There is a lot of political corruption in Detroit though. Our last mayor went to the pen for embezzling millions of dollars from the city. I hope if they do give Detroit the money that it goes to the right people so the city can benefit.

Jordan: How’s hip hop in Detroit compared to hip hop in Calgary?

Suicide Kings: Obviously hip-hop finds it roots in the states, so to my ears there will always be a definitive sound when it comes to comparing American hip-hop to any other region. The biggest difference from hip hop in Detroit as opposed to Calgary would be lyrical content. What I was exposed to growing up in one of the most dangerous cities in the USA was probably a lot different than your average Calgarian hip-hop head. Detroit hip-hop tends to be more violent just due to the surrounding environment and conditions in the D. Not to say all hip-hop in Detroit is violent by any means, but that is probably the biggest difference I see between hip-hop as opposed to Calgary, and that’s not such a bad thing.

Jordan: Why come to Calgary, and not settle in another city closer to Detroit such as Windsor ?

Suicide Kings: My girl is Canadian, she is actually from Windsor. Which as you know if very close to Detroit. She lived in Calgary for work prior to us meeting. Once we got hitched I moved out here and realized it was a lot different than what I was used to, but I love being out here. Calgary is a booming city. Lots of opportunity here, especially opposed to where I’m from. And my DJ King Cole lives there, so it was the obvious choice.

Jordan: What opportunities have you had in your musical career individually and in a group setting so far?

Suicide Kings: Both Cole and I grew up playing music and touring at a very young age. We grew up listening to and playing in hardcore bands. I played in a hardcore band in Detroit called The Alliance and Cole played guitar in Grave Maker (Victory Records). Playing in those bands, and being involved with the hardcore scene in general has afforded us both opportunities to tour worldwide. Collectively we’ve toured everywhere from North America, Europe, to Mexico and everywhere in between. Along with the travelling we’ve done, we’re lucky enough to have worked with and played with some amazing artists and groups such as M.O.P., Saigon, Hatebreed, Madball, and many more. We’re not new to hip-hop by any means having both worked for years on our craft. At the time, being in those bands afforded us those opportunities. Cole actually quit a very successful touring and working hardcore band to pursue his career in production and beatmaking with the Suicide Kings.

Jordan: How would you define your musical style ?

Suicide Kings: Cole is a mad scientist. He always amazes me when he comes with these samples and they turn into the monsters they are. From the release of our first EP “Reign Supreme” to our latest release “Crown of Thorns”, we think our style has grown and come together exactly the way we thought it would. We started working almost every day digging records, building songs, and carving out our sound. Obviously my sound reflects where I’m from (Midwest/East Coast), so thats pretty much my lyrical style: very aggressive, lots of wordplay/punchlines, usually graphic. No matter what I’m rapping about, I try to paint as vivid a picture as possible lyrically so anyone listening can relate in one form or another. Along with Cole’s obsession for records and digging, his skills with the MPC and his knowledge of audio engineering, we put together quite a unique blend of American/Canadian hip-hop.

Interview with NSHH and Suicide Kings

Jordan: You came to Canada, then left, then came back again. What has brought you back the last time ?

Suicide Kings: I was a Muay Thai kickboxer for many years and I left Canada to train in Thailand. I moved back to Detroit/Windsor for a brief moment, then decided to move back due to the horrible working conditions. The summer before leaving while at one of Detroit’s legendary venues the Magic Stick, I met King Cole. He was touring with his band Grave Maker on the Terror USA cross country tour. After a brief convo and a freestyle or two we exchanged numbers and the rest is history.

Jordan: Who is in charge of the Suicide Kings clothing line, and where are we able to purchase the merchandise (or when is it set to release) ?

Suicide Kings: The new album “Crown of Thorns” along w T-shirts n such are all available now. Cole and I work closely with my friend and fellow emcee Cancer from Detroit to come up with a lot of our merch, album art, and all kinds of other shit. The cover art for “Crown of Thorns” was designed by Matt Worthey at Overcast in Seattle. Check out Cancer’s work at, and Matt at We always have new merch when we’re on the road so if you’re at a show you can always cop the limited edition ill shit. Or check out our online store at

Jordan: By the time this interview will be published, you guys will already be on tour. Tell us a bit about how did you guys get this tour going and what to expect from the tour. Who else in on tour, and have you guys toured before , or is this the first time ?

Suicide Kings: Like mentioned before, we’ve both been on tour a lot. Besides one offs, we did a tour with Apathy & Celph Titled last summer and took the winter to write Crown of Thorns. Now that the album is released expect a steady tour schedule from Suicide Kings. We are currently on the Stealth Bomb Records tour with Snak the Ripper, Merkules, and Jaclyn Gee in support of “Crown of Thorns” for the next couple weeks. We work with a lot of the same people Snak does (promoters, tour managers, etc), and we actually got him on a Suicide Kings track for our upcoming 12″ vinyl release on French label Knives Out Records. So when this tour came up, it was perfect for us. Shouts to Snak, Merkules, and Jaclyn Gee who were cool enough to bring us along. As for what we expect from the tour, we get down to business every night. You’ll never see a weak Suicide Kings show regardless of if there’s 50 or 500 people there. We spend time touring to show people what this Detroit/Canadian blend is all about. Looking forward to seeing what every city has to offer all across Canada.

Jordan: Any last words or mentions ?

Suicide Kings: Big shouts to North Star Hip-Hop for the interview and hosting our video “Shotcallaz” ft. Apathy & Celph Titled. Check that shit out. Respect to anybody out there that’s doing their thing for Canadian hip-hop. Come see us at the Stealth Bomb Records tour, lets smoke a blunt.


Jordan: Thanks guys ! Everybody in Calgary should check them out on October 18th at Local522. The address is 522 6th AVE SW.

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